Our Story


I am Mathilda, and I am Zack, happy couple and founders of Astral Jewels. The pendant necklace that you can see on the shop section of our website is a very special piece for us, as it was the first present Zack ever gifted me.


I – Mathilda – have always been passionate about astrology, something that could not be further from Zack’s interest, as a business owner and pretty down-to-hearth Capricorn!


I – Zack – have been a jeweller for over 15 years now, specialising in bridals and bespoke fine jewellery. When I noticed Mathilda’s interest in astrology and her hunt for the perfect piece of jewellery, the perfect charm, that would embody her passion, it appears as a very obvious first anniversary gift. I made her Scorpio necklace in 18 carat gold in that gothic font I knew she loved, as a Nostogic for the 1990’s!


We have been receiving so many requests about the necklace and orders from our friends that in January 2020 we decided to make it available for everyone and by everyone we also meant every type of budget, which is why we decided to make each piece available in silver, gold plated, 14 or 19-carat gold.


We hope you will love it as much as we do and that your very own Astral Jewel will make you feel somehow protected and ready to embrace every challenges and life venture.


                                                                                                           Zack & Math